June 19, 2012, 10:00 pm

Turkey is tempting cash-hungry EU

New York Post | Let’s talk Turkey about the European Union.

Turkey lies just to the east of Greece. But there are a few things, besides the Aegean Sea that separate the two countries.

Turkey’s economy is growing; Greece’s — as the world is well aware — isn’t. Greece is an almost entirely Christian nation, while Turkey is 99 percent Muslim.

And Greece is a member of the EU, at least for the time being. Turkey has long wanted to join.

The stars may be aligning on that last matter. Turkey has taken advantage of the turmoil in the EU to again plead its case, and it might be getting a better reception this time.

Last Friday, I spoke with Namik Tan, Turkey’s ambassador to the US, who told me that his country has increased its efforts to join the EU, even as other nations are thinking about leaving or are being threatened with expulsion.

Tan said the matter was brought up during the G8 economic conference in Chicago in May. “This is not an overnight thing,” said Tan. “But his first reaction was positive.”

Tan is referring to Francois Hollande, the recently elected president of France. Nicolas Sarkozy, the previous French president who was ousted in May, was thought to be a major hurdle in the way of Turkey’s EU admission.

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